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Address : 4 Rue des Archers, Lyon – France

Phone : 04 72 56 08 98

Hôtel Des Célestins Road Route

Hôtel Des Célestins France provides service in. Its full address is 4 Rue des Archers, Lyon – France olan Hôtel Des Célestins, you can reach its business by phone 04 72 56 08 98 . You can also use the map above to get Hôtel Des Célestins transportation and directions information. You can review the Hôtel Des Célestins section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Hôtel Des Célestins you can contact Hôtel Des Célestins using the information above.

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Hôtel Des Célestins Comments

  1. Very cute little hotel. Suites upstairs are spacious by European standards. Other rooms small but comfortable. Surrounded by restaurants and bars.

  2. Even if the rooms are not perfectly maintained, and the breakfast is really bad and small, I like the area and atmosphere of this place a lot. An old building in the heart of Lyon with history and real charme! Bed is very comfortable.

  3. This is a quaint, cozy old hotel surrounded by hip shops and restaurants and a few minutes’ walk from the wonderful old town.

    Unfortunately, there are three main problems:

    1. Noise. The cramped arrangements mean your neighbor’s door is a foot from yours. They will wake you when they come back drunk at 2 am or leave at 5 am (and in fact your whole wooden room will creak when they walk down the hall).

    Outside noise is worse, because it’s constant and barely slows between 2 am and 6 am. I loved the “theater view” room but that also means you’re over a busy intersection. That’s constant traffic and exuberant pedestrians.

    2. The parking lot listed on Celestins’ website costs between 25 and 35 euros a day. The hotel supposedly has two spots available for free parking but with (I think) over 30 rooms you will not get one. (Obviously, you must reserve in advance.)

    3. Mosquitoes. Our air conditioning didn’t work but we had a nice view so we opened the window. When we closed it an hour later there were eight mosquitos in the room. We killed seven that night and the last the next morning, totally full of blood.

    If you’re okay with noise and don’t have a car I highly recommend Celestins. Otherwise it should not be your first choice.

  4. I have been in many hotels recently and it is clear that almost all have reduced prices and cut service to the bone, with food options, particularly breakfast, becoming low quality. But here, the service and quality, at check in/out and breakfast were as excellent as I remember. I can’t wait to return to this very well staffed and managed hotel.

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