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Address : No:, İmran Öktem Cd., Fatih – İstanbul

Phone : (0212) 516 96 96

Hotel Arcadia Blue Road Route

Hotel Arcadia Blue İstanbul provides service in. Its full address is No:, İmran Öktem Cd., Fatih – İstanbul olan Hotel Arcadia Blue, you can reach its business by phone (0212) 516 96 96 . You can also use the map above to get Hotel Arcadia Blue transportation and directions information. You can review the Hotel Arcadia Blue section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Hotel Arcadia Blue you can contact Hotel Arcadia Blue using the information above.

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Hotel Arcadia Blue Comments

  1. Very nice service with great food and a perfect location just steps away from blue mosque and hagia Sofia. Also the view is just fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

  2. This is just amazing!! I love personal,and food,so tasty :D!! Thank you

  3. Very nice location in the old town near to the tram line and multiple tourism destinations
    Decorations are modern and of good quality
    The staff were amazing guys and very cooperative
    The prices are very acceptable
    Highly recommended
    My room view was superb

    Sound insulation to the surrounding was a little bit poor, I had to check the window and I found that it had a problem and could not be closed, and I had an injury in my head while trying to check it because the edge was very sharp

  4. Amazing location,1 min from Agia Sophia,Blue Mosque and the tram stop.Super friendly staff.Great service.Clean rooms!I would certainly recommend it!

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