Gower House Hotel


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Address : 57 Gower St, London – United Kingdom

Phone : 020 7636 4685

Gower House Hotel Road Route

Gower House Hotel

Gower House Hotel United Kingdom provides service in. Its full address is 57 Gower St, London – United Kingdom olan Gower House Hotel, you can reach its business by phone 020 7636 4685 . You can also use the map above to get Gower House Hotel transportation and directions information. You can review the Gower House Hotel section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Gower House Hotel you can contact Gower House Hotel using the information above.

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Gower House Hotel Comments

  1. I am sorry to have to write this but we have had absolutely horrendous customer service from this hotel – we completely understand that in light of the pandemic the travel industry has been hit very hard and nobody was prepared to handle this, however it could have been done much better. We were supposed to visit the hotel at the end of March – start of April. We booked last year, way before the coronavirus pandemic. The hotel, of course, cancelled our booking due to the coronavirus lockdown. They then offered for us to visit early July which we would have been happy to do. However, we then received no further correspondence from them until the beginning of August. I assume all the staff were furloughed and the hotel closed, however other places we had booked seemed to have at least one person who was monitoring telephones and emails. We then telephoned every single day on the off-chance someone would answer, however they never did. We have also emailed and Facebook messaged. We have eventually got a very brief answer via Facebook messenger but this has since been ignored. On the message, we have been told they cannot offer a refund and we must visit again instead – however the catch is… we have now emigrated to another country and are not planning to return to the U.K.! The hotel are aware of this although still maintain that they cannot refund us. We understand it must be hard for their business however as we have also not been working over £200 is a lot of money to lose!

  2. Brilliant stay, friendly staff, clean, rooms cleaned on daily bases. No lift to upper floors. Rooms and corridors a bit hotter than what I would want. Would go there again and would recommend.

  3. Great location for what we wanted.
    Friendly, helpful staff.

  4. They are extremely understanding and flexible. I was able to cancel and they accommodated me free of charge. Will definitely recommend and hope to stay here soon.

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