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Address : Kültür, Ataç-2 Sk. No:46, Çankaya – Ankara

Phone : (0312) 213 63 38

Deeps Hostel Road Route

Deeps Hostel Ankara provides service in. Its full address is Kültür, Ataç-2 Sk. No:46, Çankaya – Ankara olan Deeps Hostel, you can reach its business by phone (0312) 213 63 38 . You can also use the map above to get Deeps Hostel transportation and directions information. You can review the Deeps Hostel section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Deeps Hostel you can contact Deeps Hostel using the information above.

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Deeps Hostel Comments

  1. I can say everything is almost perfect.
    I feel like this hostel is my second home.
    Receptionists are polite and helpful.
    Prices are really cheap.
    Location is perfect. 2 min away from city center. ( By walking)

  2. 2 minutes walk from city center.
    Prime location.
    Safety at streets hostel and rooms is outstanding.
    Reasonable rates.
    Staff is polite and helpful and guide in a better way.
    Staff can understand multiple languages including English.

  3. Amazing experience, really cheap and clean. Ideal location. And really nice, hospitable people. Would highly recommend!

  4. Lovely place where you can actually meet with foreing people also english speakrs employes

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