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Address : 8 Rue Pierre Marion, Lyon – France

Phone : 04 78 16 01 01

Villa Maïa Road Route

Villa Maïa France provides service in. Its full address is 8 Rue Pierre Marion, Lyon – France olan Villa Maïa, you can reach its business by phone 04 78 16 01 01 . You can also use the map above to get Villa Maïa transportation and directions information. You can review the Villa Maïa section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Villa Maïa you can contact Villa Maïa using the information above.

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Villa Maïa Comments

  1. This 5 star boutique hotel has been very delicately decorated. The rooms are huge, and they all have a view to the garden or to the city. The staff is very friendly, and they are willing to help you in everything. A big thank you to the concierge Fiona who scanned my notes that I forgot at the hotel. It was many pages; she saved my life! Villa Maia is located in old Lyon, at the top of the hill. The hotel is brand new, and very luxurious. There is nothing to improve. The breakfast buffet is AMAZING. The room service was good as well. This hotel is top-notch, and I would recommend it to the pickiest of 5 star clients.

  2. Excellent customer service!! Very clean! Very professional! All the staff were very friendly and helpful during our stay. Highly recommend!

  3. Wonderful stay here staff fantastic and extremely accommodating. Would not hesitate to stay here again.

  4. Lovely hotel in a lovely area. We so enjoyed our stay. The hotel is beautifully restored and the rooms are finished with a fantastic attention to detail. Beds are awesome. Bedlinen to die for. The showers are wonderful. Choice of materials, colours and design just right. The only issue we had was the car situation. However, this was swiftly dealt with and the problem was no more. We will be back soon,
    Pia, Angela and Chris

  5. Warm hotel, which combines an ancient building with a modern decoracion. Friendly and suportive hotel staff. Very convenient location, also near the public transport. The restaurant is also a good option for a lunch, as French locals do during the week

  6. Wonderful guest suite overlooking a church. Very clean and comfortable bedding. Hotel staff were a pleasure to speak with.

  7. An incredible hotel. Staff prepared to go “above and beyond”. A a spectacular dinner served in room course by course to recreate the restaurant experience despite Covid. Our room had had an inconsiderate smoker previously and the hotel provided a high end fragrance candle to remedy that. Great location and well appointed rooms.

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