The Standard High Line


The Standard High Line includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : 848 Washington St, New York – United States

Phone : (212) 645-4646

The Standard High Line Road Route

The Standard, High Line

The Standard High Line United States provides service in. Its full address is 848 Washington St, New York – United States olan The Standard High Line, you can reach its business by phone (212) 645-4646 . You can also use the map above to get The Standard High Line transportation and directions information. You can review the The Standard High Line section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about The Standard High Line you can contact The Standard High Line using the information above.

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The Standard High Line Comments

  1. Skip the Standard! Such a beautiful building and incredible location, what could go wrong? A lot! I checked in and got to my Hudson Corner Room and was all around disappointed. Picture a beautifully designed room, with absolutely zero upkeep. There are scratches, scuffs, stains, and dings all over the room. An occasional scuff here and there is absolutely fine and understandable, but this room felt absolutely dingy. My curtains had holes in it, couch had stains on it, bathroom sink didn’t drain, and the ceiling somehow had streaky stains on it?? I’ve included photos below. Don’t let the location and super cute website tempt you! The standard is NOT worth the price! The nearby Equinox hotel, or my favorite in the city Mr.C Seaport have much nicer rooms at a fraction of the price!

  2. The staff was friendly and helpful. The bathrobes were comfortable and weighed which I liked. The rooms were not what I expected. If you’re into the retro 60’s theme then this hotel is great for you however I did not enjoy the design, decor or upkeep of the hotel.

  3. Nice hotel enjoyed our stay. Beautiful views and very friendly staff. Excellent location and nice amenities (beer garden, good restaurant, rooftop). Comfy beds! Best of all- very clean! They had no problem with our early check in and had plenty of recommendations for our stay. Will come again!

  4. Ranking this with 4 stars is very generous, but trying to be fair, and comparing this hotel to other NYC hotels with a similar price. By no means, this is not the same caliber as W or other high end hotels, but it has some unique qualities.
    The hotel’s location is the main reason I chose to stay here. You can do a lot by walking. There are so many things to do day and night, in a walkable distance. Check in lobby was small with 2 staff behind the counter. Polite staff from a cleaning person, to front desk. The room was good. Love the windows from floor to ceiling, very dramatic. The most awesome bath tub, almost as good as the one in W. Koh Samui. The bathroom is the best part of the room
    The bar and fridge were well stocked. Furniture and TV need some help.
    Lighting was well thought out, and the AC was cold.
    Overall, I stayed because of the location. If not for the location, I would have given it 3 stars. I would stay here again.

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