The Marlton Hotel


The Marlton Hotel includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : 5 W 8th St, New York – United States

Phone : (212) 321-0100

The Marlton Hotel Road Route

The Marlton Hotel United States provides service in. Its full address is 5 W 8th St, New York – United States olan The Marlton Hotel, you can reach its business by phone (212) 321-0100 . You can also use the map above to get The Marlton Hotel transportation and directions information. You can review the The Marlton Hotel section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about The Marlton Hotel you can contact The Marlton Hotel using the information above.

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The Marlton Hotel Comments

  1. Wonderful little hotel with small, but nicely appointed rooms. If you want a tub, you must request it. Nice location. The online check in is not worth it as you must check in at the desk anyway. Will return.

  2. Come here to visit … don’t come here to stay if you have better options
    Large rooms are tiny even by NYC standards. No room service. Finger pointing between management and hospitality “it’s a different company you’ll have to speak with them”
    Unhelpful and unsympathetic management making false claims about covid restrictions.
    Fireplace area is delightful albeit deeply understaffed despite the hotel being at over 95% occupancy. My message for fellow NYC stayers: lower your expectations from pre covid more than most hotels in the city. The ambience of the fireplace area is not the experience of the hotel.

  3. Excellent location and great style but TINY rooms. I knew this going in, but they were even smaller than I expected.

  4. Great experience. Location is perfect for exploring Greenwich Village and Soho, building is charming, rooms are small but very finely decorated and with the perfect marble tiled bathroom. Highly recommended especially for a short stay.

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