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Address : 4 Broad Ct, London – United Kingdom

Phone : 020 7836 8305

The Fielding Hotel Road Route

The Fielding Hotel United Kingdom provides service in. Its full address is 4 Broad Ct, London – United Kingdom olan The Fielding Hotel, you can reach its business by phone 020 7836 8305 . You can also use the map above to get The Fielding Hotel transportation and directions information. You can review the The Fielding Hotel section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about The Fielding Hotel you can contact The Fielding Hotel using the information above.

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The Fielding Hotel Comments

  1. Nice room, clean and modern inside, enough space. Nice bathroom with good shower. Brilliant location.

  2. The room was spacious and the bath was the best feature. Great location close to Covent Gardens

  3. A wonderfully clean and convenient hotel in a superb location! I had a mix up with my booking and the wonderful manager ‘Saj’ was able to sort my mistake out and accommodate us! Thank you very much!! Will definitely stay again and highly recommend!

  4. February 2021 we booked a two night stay on the company website and paid in full 195 pounds. Normally we book through Expedia but they had a very good offer if you paid upfront so we did. We contacted the hotel to confirm our reservation as we only had a screen shot of the reservation number and our VISA paid receipt. They told us they had no booking, but had received payment of 195 pounds and “guessed” it was for a queen room for one night. I had provided the reservation number which they ignored, I have shown them the price to book in Expedia which is less money than 195 pounds and told them they had a better offer otherwise why would I pay more money upfront. Saad, the booking manager, is pretending to not understand and accepts no responsibility for his website booking failure. His solution is to ask me for more money, more than I would be paying through Expedia. Last February no one was booking rooms in London, now with the restrictions lifted everyone is booking and I believe that Saad sees this as an opportunity to get more money, so he cancelled our booking, never having accepted any responsibility or providing an apology for their website failure, and has not researched the offer I have referred to and offers now explanation or acknowledgement.
    In my mind this is a CON, and will remain as such until proper explanation is given. I am told I will get a refund in 7 days. If this does not happen, VISA fortunately is very skilled in dealing with these situations.
    Never trust a deal to good to be true through a one pony operation.

  5. A lovely hotel, so close to the Royal Opera House. Clean comfortable rooms and good service.

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