The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments


The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : 119-121 Connaught Rd Central, Sheung Wan – Hong Kong

Phone : 2156 3000

The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments Road Route

The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments

The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments Hong Kong provides service in. Its full address is 119-121 Connaught Rd Central, Sheung Wan – Hong Kong olan The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments, you can reach its business by phone 2156 3000 . You can also use the map above to get The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments transportation and directions information. You can review the The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments you can contact The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments using the information above.

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The Bauhinia Serviced Apartments Comments

  1. The serviced apartment reception person was very rude. He was not happy when I asked to check in and where the Bauhinia Hotel was. This happened on 29th Nov 2019 at 1505hrs. Manager of this place, please take note. If he is not happy to provide a service in the service sector, he should find some other job.

    The reception I got over at the Bauhunia Hotel was 180 degrees. Service and check in was a breeze and the young chap was polite. Happy to be staying over here instead of the serviced apartment!

  2. I believed it is one of the most renowned hotel in town. HOWEVER, the hotel decided to turn themselves into a quarantine hotel for COVID-19 detainees and refused all other guests.

    It was extremely frustrated that LMO cancelled my reservation just 2 weeks before my arrival.

    I am not in a position to question their decision in transforming their business mode, but at least they should proactively provide assistance to those being affected. The responses from LMO convey a message that their top managements just don’t give a damn!

    A great disappointment to LMO. I sincerely hope that this is in no way representing the standard of Mandarin Oriental Group.

  3. Thank you for making our Winter Break staycation truly special. My daughter loved her special bath experience and the treats!
    My husband and I had a fabulous time relaxing and indulging in fabulous food. We will be back!

  4. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is a quarantine hotel with an immense quality of both accommodations and location with a luxurious design and located at Central.

    If I were to rate my stay, I would rate it 12/10 and would be more than happy to rate it higher.

    As soon as me and my family had stepped into the hotel, it was clear that reviews written previously about the hotel had been both promising and truthful to the utmost level. Us, being a big family of 8 staying in 2 connected rooms, felt more than comfortable and grateful for this experience due to kind staff (when room service and amenities were given) and the breath-taking view.

    I’d like to thank especially Anita for both the warm-welcome, and making sure we felt comfortable with the hotel and for making our stay and reservation run smoothly.

  5. Purchased a gift card for the spa for a friend, they have absolutely no record of this and keep escalating the matter. Have had to email attaching screenshots and order confirmation etc but still no resolution. Not what you would expect at all. Worst service I’ve received from a hotel and spa.

  6. Stayed here for 2 months – the room was comfortable, and service from both the reception and housekeeping teams was excellent.
    Very convenient location.

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