Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel


Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : Saray, Güzelyalı Cd. No:30, Alanya – undefined

Phone : (0242) 606 04 70

Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel Road Route

Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel undefined provides service in. Its full address is Saray, Güzelyalı Cd. No:30, Alanya – undefined olan Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel, you can reach its business by phone (0242) 606 04 70 . You can also use the map above to get Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel transportation and directions information. You can review the Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel you can contact Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel using the information above.

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Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel Comments

  1. Lack of internet access, bad smell in room, low quality of food, small swimming pool, a lot of loud children, every aspect dont help people rest, Overall nothing special.

  2. Awful experience. ????When we arrived at the hotel, they gave us a room in the loft, which is 13 square meters, where it cannot sleep because it is small and accommodates only 2 beds, full of moisture, overlooking the neighboring buildings. ????The room did not have cosmetics for the bathroom and the towels smelled of moisture and were used before our arrival. ????????????..when you come to this hotel they first tell you that you do not have a room and that all the rooms are occupied. We waited 6 hours at the reception for Filip Travel to provide us with another room and they had already sold it to someone before us. The food is bad and tasteless, ????the hotel dirty and the staff there. The restaurant is as dirty as the cutlery. When you take the juice casserole it is dirty with lipstick. Foods only french fries and rice with salad every day, no meat. All pudding muffins with lots of sugar only in different color and differently decorated. This hotel is not worth 4 * .. its location is good and the rest is nervous. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone as they all experienced the inconvenience with the lack of room and poor hotel service. The pool is shaded and the water is cold in the pool all day. Bedding is changed once a week and rooms are cleaned every day. Turkish Turkish is once a week. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone especially to young people. The hotel has been a guest for over 50 years, ????there are not many young people and there is no evening program

  3. Normal, nice hotel in city center, good food. Furniture in the room little bit old, but it doesnt matter. We were satisfied on our holiday.

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