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Address : 252 High Holborn, London – United Kingdom

Phone : 020 7781 8888

Rosewood London Road Route

Rosewood London United Kingdom provides service in. Its full address is 252 High Holborn, London – United Kingdom olan Rosewood London, you can reach its business by phone 020 7781 8888 . You can also use the map above to get Rosewood London transportation and directions information. You can review the Rosewood London section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Rosewood London you can contact Rosewood London using the information above.

All information about Rosewood London on our page is taken from Google Maps. Our company cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. The responsibilities of the comments made for Rosewood London belong to the commenter. If you think that there is an error or deficiency in Rosewood London belong to the commenter. If you think that there is an error or deficiency in Rosewood London and want the business information to be removed, you can contact us on our contact page.

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Rosewood London Comments

  1. My wife invited me to spend a weekend here for my birthday. All I can say is that the experience was amazing from start to finish. The staff was incredibly attentive, personable, and helpful! My stay in this hotel was unforgettable!

  2. We have photographed weddings at both Rosewood in Thailand and the magnificent Rosewood London. You can’t get more sophisticated and elegant than this. A stunning hotel in the heart of London and a perfect place for a wedding. We can’t wait to go back.

  3. Fabulous place on so many levels. We love all the bars and restaurants and services in this hotel, and had a lovely dinner on the terrace during Covid 19.

  4. Lovely restaurant serving food of the season. Delicious food, excellent service with nice outdoor seating. Highly recommend.

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