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Address : 325 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas – Nevada, United States

Phone : (702) 732-9100

Rodeway Inn & Suites Road Route

Rodeway Inn & Suites

Rodeway Inn & Suites Nevada, United States provides service in. Its full address is 325 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas – Nevada, United States olan Rodeway Inn & Suites, you can reach its business by phone (702) 732-9100 . You can also use the map above to get Rodeway Inn & Suites transportation and directions information. You can review the Rodeway Inn & Suites section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Rodeway Inn & Suites you can contact Rodeway Inn & Suites using the information above.

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Rodeway Inn & Suites Comments

  1. I wish I could give negative stars — Fortune Hotel & Suites is not deserving of their current 3 star rating.

    Our first experience with the hotel was two girls who were drunk out of their minds laying on the font lobby stairs yelling in Spanish.

    We got in late, paid the “resort fee”, got our key, and walked to the smoky “non smoking” area to get to our room. As soon as we get there, we hear a dog barking from the room we’re supposed to be in. Thinking it was coming from the room adjacent to ours, we used a room key only to find our room was occupied. We walked back to building 1 from building 3, and the receptionist was gone. Once she got back we explained the situation and she told us that they had no available rooms and turned us away at 2:00am. We had made our reservation 2 weeks prior.

    Pretty disappointed.

    How do you not know what rooms are available?

    As obvious as this may be, the hotel looks NOTHING like the pictures.

  2. Great location. Close to everything. No casino inside, so it was quiet at night. Very good price. So please don’t expect five star treatment dam it! If you want to spend $300 a night so Venetian is just right on the corner!

    The breakfast was good. The only hotel that had a good breakfast whilst on our holiday. The location is just under one mile from the Strip. A good location.

    Clean everywhere. Big room. Front desk people were great. Maintenance came within 20 minutes of my call to reset my AC unit. Pool was clean. Plenty of parking.

  3. This Rodeway was nicer then some, entrance is nice but rooms are average Rodeway status. Need new pillows!! King bed only 3 pillows and all flat cotton type. Clean room though and new ac that was nice. Guest service/reception was easy and nice.

  4. The rooms were not vacuumed very well and I found weed in my room; thankfully I found it before my 2 year old or my dogs did, my daughter found a dirty lollipop holder and used lollipop, there were stains and it smells like pee and weed. There were no towels or washcloths in our room when we checked in and I had to ask 3 times (this time I went to the lobby) before I ever got any and it took over a day and half to finally get some. There was no breakfast and the only ice machine is in the lobby area on the third floor. I highly do not recommend this place.

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