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Address : Via di S. Teodoro, 48, Roma – Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Phone : 06 679 8866

Kolbe Hotel Rome Road Route

Kolbe Hotel Rome Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy provides service in. Its full address is Via di S. Teodoro, 48, Roma – Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy olan Kolbe Hotel Rome, you can reach its business by phone 06 679 8866 . You can also use the map above to get Kolbe Hotel Rome transportation and directions information. You can review the Kolbe Hotel Rome section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Kolbe Hotel Rome you can contact Kolbe Hotel Rome using the information above.

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Kolbe Hotel Rome Comments

  1. more central than this is not possible in Rome.
    This hotel has a unique position, right in front of the Palatine Hill and a few steps from the Roman forum and the main monuments of imperial Rome. For those who love history and culture, being at the Kolbe Hotel Rome means being totally immersed in the history of Rome. From the windows of our room we could see directly into the Palatine, an indescribable emotion. We had the feeling that by stretching our arms we could touch the story with our hands. What struck us about this hotel was the cleanliness of all the rooms and the friendliness of all the staff. Everything was to our satisfaction, indeed our expectations were largely exceeded. We will recommend this hotel to all our friends.

  2. No other place better in Rome than this. Location, location, location and much more. It was a Franciscan convent located in the archaeological center of Rome. The rooms on the first floor have a magnificent view on the Palatine hill. We very much appreciated the professionalism and kindness of the staff, they really pampered us throughout our stay. The internal garden is a true oasis of peace where we could hear outside in a magical atmosphere. We enjoyed our stay and will recommend this hotel to all our contact .

  3. excellent value for money, incredible location facing the Palatine Hill and within walking distance of the most important monuments of the Eternal City. we were on the splendid terrace where you can enjoy a unique view of the palatine and the Roman forum. The room was large, clean and with all the modern comforts. The staff were friendly and eager to assist with all our needs. the quality that is offered corresponds well with their prices which have an excellent value for money. we will definitely return to this hotel and recommend it to family and friends

  4. in the center of Rome. We stayed at the Kolbe Hotel Rome and we felt surrounded by the magnificence of Archaeological Rome, a few steps from the places of greatest historical and cultural interest of the Eternal City. The hotel is located in a suggestive area, among the vestiges of ancient Rome, with the Tiber river behind it, a few steps from the Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum.
    Despite being in the historic center, the hotel has a large internal garden with centenary olive trees where you can breathe an atmosphere of peace and relax. Our room was large, clean and with all the most modern comforts, with a direct view of the Palatine Hill. it was a very strong emotion to be in contact and to have at hand 2000 and more years of history of the Roman Empire. We had dinner in the garden, it was an excellent experience , the food was very good and the service very atentive.The hotel staff was always very kind and helpful, they pampered us during our entire stay making us feel at the center of their attention. The value for money is excellent. The hotel exceeded all our expectations, we will return and recommend this great hotel to all our friends

  5. again in this particular hotel after different years. It was an exiting experience also this time. By walk we could reach in few minutes the most important monuments of the eternal city. The staff is , as in the past, very friendly and helpful. We really appreciate to have the possibility to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in open air ,in the fantasist garden with olive trees . Our room was large, clean and with an amazing view direct on the Palatine.we enjoyed our stay also this time and will come back for sure.

    luxury hotel in the heart of Rome. Just face to face to the Palatine Hill , there where all the Roman history began. The hotel has a nice and large internal garden where we could have our breakfast in open air. The rooms are large , clean and with all modern comforts. the staff was friendly and helpful. WE enjoyed our stay and will suggest this luxury hotel to all our contact

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