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Hyatt Regency Dubai includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : Al Khaleej Rd – 8H3+HQ Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone : 04 209 1234

Hyatt Regency Dubai Road Route

Hyatt Regency Dubai 8H3+HQ Dubai – United Arab Emirates provides service in. Its full address is Al Khaleej Rd – 8H3+HQ Dubai – United Arab Emirates olan Hyatt Regency Dubai, you can reach its business by phone 04 209 1234 . You can also use the map above to get Hyatt Regency Dubai transportation and directions information. You can review the Hyatt Regency Dubai section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Hyatt Regency Dubai you can contact Hyatt Regency Dubai using the information above.

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Hyatt Regency Dubai Comments

  1. It was a convenient location and always had Taxis ready at the door. The rooms were clean and spacious. Good customer service overall. However, the food was not that good. We had breakfast a couple of times there and decided to eat else where.

  2. Good apartment for the price. Parking is an issue as there is no valet parking facility in galleria residences. As it is difficult to find parking in mall parking area. Rest all experience was good.

  3. This hotel is just amazing! Conveniently located in Old Dubai and only 20 minutes drive from the airport. It is my second time staying there and I love it! The staff is wonderful, the buffet breakfast is also great! If you want to see a different place in Dubai stay there! I also love it because I can do my plane spotting while enjoying a cocktail by the swimming pool. Five stars

  4. Space wise very nice. Reasonable clean. But soundproof is awful… I can hear the sounds of trash cars activities from the ground floor… at 1:30am and people shouting outside…
    Well, pick higher floors or quieter place if you also feel quietness is important factor for you.

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