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Address : Eskiçeşme, Bodrum – Muğla

Phone : Not found

Hotel Voyage Bodrum Road Route

Hotel Voyage Bodrum Muğla provides service in. Its full address is Eskiçeşme, Bodrum – Muğla olan Hotel Voyage Bodrum, you can reach its business by phone 0000. . You can also use the map above to get Hotel Voyage Bodrum transportation and directions information. You can review the Hotel Voyage Bodrum section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Hotel Voyage Bodrum you can contact Hotel Voyage Bodrum using the information above.

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Hotel Voyage Bodrum Comments

  1. Top Top Top …. can join us all the great reviews only! There are always little things …. e.g. the light in the bathroom or missing shelf space ….! Top Top Top

  2. This must be the smallest hotel of the Voyage chain in terms of area. I think there is 1 staff member per guest. ???? Like other Voyage facilities, the staff is very caring and friendly. Even when you are at one end of the corridor and there is a house keeping officer at the other, they do not pass without wishing a good day and asking for your memory. On the second day of your holiday, you meet almost all the staff.

    The facility does not accept guests under the age of 16, so it is perfect for couples without children like us. A complete relaxation hotel. Those who want to see children and have fun all night can go to Bodrum port in 10 minutes from the pier right next to the hotel, by jumping into one of the motors running until 24:00.

    The facility is in Bardakci Cove and the sea is sparkling and wonderful. I do not need to comment on the food and drinks of the facility because you are not in any hotel chain. The only thing I can say is that if you compare this place with the restaurant of a huge holiday village in Antalya, the variety will seem like a little. However, the number of people is also small. The food and drinks on offer are carefully made and delicious.

    Live music is played just above a beach in two evenings. The groups that come are very successful.

    Those who want to have a holiday without children, those who want to rest but also have fun should definitely consider this place in their holiday plans.

    We thank all the staff working at the facility for the attentive service on our behalf.

  3. Friendly staff, clean food, good food, we stayed for five days, the holiday is coming to an end, but I hope we will come again next year.

  4. A friendly, relevant and excellent service is provided. Rooms are very clean, all beach areas are disinfected. The food is very tasty, all the staff take great care. The sea is very clean. I recommend it to everyone, it was a very enjoyable holiday.

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