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Address : 8 Finance St, Central – Hong Kong

Phone : 3196 8888

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Road Route

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Hong Kong provides service in. Its full address is 8 Finance St, Central – Hong Kong olan Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, you can reach its business by phone 3196 8888 . You can also use the map above to get Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong transportation and directions information. You can review the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong you can contact Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong using the information above.

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Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Comments

  1. The staff was really nice and the free drinks and coffee was a plus. I would recommend improving shower room cleaniness and for some reason one of the seats in the room felt damp.

  2. This maybe the best hotel in Hong Kong. Very good service desk. Very nice common area, gym room and all facilities are clean and decent. The staff help me upgraded my rm to business( originally I booked luxury double) Room is comfortable and clean. Location is great coz bars and restaurant are everywhere. I have a very good stay with my partner. Highly recommend.

  3. Great hotel in a great location of Hong Kong. The rooms are small as you would expect in Hong Kong but they are very well appointed and have all the perks you would need and then some. The staff is extremely helpful and kind. They even brought my wife a cafe for her birthday. which says a lot about how the company appreciates its guests. It is a quick walk from the hotel to anywhere you need to go in Hong Kong while still being in a quit area and very affordable.

  4. Family staycation prior to my baby was born, and it was an early celebration of my own birthday. Appreciate the team preparation and the complimentary cake, drink, and room decorations. It also comes with children welcome package.

    The service was perfect! High recommend staying here! The breakfast has a lot of options too. Our kids loved it! It was a delightful stay!

  5. Spa has relaxing environment.
    Therapist, Rosa, is well experienced and performed therapeutic deep muscle message.
    I felt my mind and body were mush relaxed after the treatment

  6. Beautiful pool, great spa, great food, newly renovated rooms are stylish. The hotel is just missing some vibe though

  7. Went for a conference! First in 2 years. Venue staff were attentive. The lobby restaurant staff made out the place was packed when in fact it was hardly full. Expected safety process going in and out. Nice hotel and that is what the Four Seasons is all about.

  8. I went to the four seasons spa for a facial Chinese New Year 2019.

    They inflated the prices without telling us until we went to pay (~£400 for a facial).

    What is more I told them I was allergic to seaweed and had really sensitive skin. They confirmed the facial would be fine.

    When I got into the room, the lady applied an exfoliant. My face began to burn up & it turned out to have seaweed in!
    The lady removed it and to avoid aggravating my skin more, did not apply any more treatments and just rubbed my face with moisturiser for the remainder of the session.
    I left the appointment with a bright red face.

    I wanted to leave as quickly as possible, so I paid and left.
    I called up the next day to log a complaint. Their best and final response was – since they had not left me with permanent scarring to my face – they would refund me the difference of the price of the usual appointment cost and the Chinese New Year price I paid.

    Meaning I paid ~£310 to have my face made sore and then rubbed.

    Do not recommend.

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