Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection


Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : 83 Duxton Rd, Singapore – RHV+F7 Singapore

Phone : 6914 1428

Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection Road Route

Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection RHV+F7 Singapore provides service in. Its full address is 83 Duxton Rd, Singapore – RHV+F7 Singapore olan Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection, you can reach its business by phone 6914 1428 . You can also use the map above to get Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection transportation and directions information. You can review the Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection you can contact Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection using the information above.

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Duxton Reserve Singapore Autograph Collection Comments

  1. Room was underwhelmingly small, bathroom felt too public and you can hear the neighbouring room when they shower as well. Breakfast only includes a pastry and hot beverage which is a 3-5 min walk. Many better choices at 3-4 * hotels for this kind of pricing. Won’t come back. Air con was not working well also, my 16 degrees felt like 24 degrees whole night

  2. Nice hotel well located in a vibrant area (Duxton). Hotel is well maintained, rooms are nice and spacious.

  3. Nice, fancy place with a luxurious pool.

    The receptionist was nice considering it was late and she looked dead inside.

    The room is unique, with an outdoor bathroom.

    Small and cheap with nice finishing.

  4. Quiet, Zen place for a short retreat. Near Somerset train station, very convenient. Going back there again.

  5. It was wonderful staycation experience. Though it was more on the pricier side but it was totally worth it. The hotel and the rooms has a quiet and intimate atmosphere. I love the location especially it is located at the heart of Chinatown. I have so many options for local food, restaurants, bars and cafes. The staffs were extremely friendly and helpful too. I highly recommend those considering a staycation that offers a one of a kind experience.

  6. Disappointing overall. We opted for a suite for a impromptu staycation and as a platinum member of the Marriott group we were kindly upgraded to the Montgomery Suite (room 19) – nice start.

    The sitting room is centred around a dining table (odd) and has a thin bench down the back side (not comfy) so we didn’t make much use of the space opting to go out to relax in a more comfortable setting. The bed was very very soft, to the extent that it dipped at the edges if you got close… that included the bed head and the pillows are also very very soft, overall I slept badly and cricked my neck.

    The toiletries in the room were cheap. I made the mistake of trying to shave with the razor, which led to the most painful and unsatisfactory shave of recent memory and the toothbrush is so soft it basically tickled your teeth.

    I’m a western guy and the bathroom was not made with someone like me in mind… the separating walls make for some very tight squeezes.

    The hotel is well located just off Duxton Hill near many great restaurants. This is for sure the hotels biggest selling point.

    Whist we were there the lift broke down and reading other reviews this is a common occurrence.

    Overall the service seemed a little hit and miss – it was namely a hit for a couple of influencers staying at the hotel who were waited on hand and foot – unfortunately the same could not be said the same for me. Simple things like getting water topped up or getting a coffee at breakfast took several attempts…

    This hotel rates itself as 5 star and the suites cost $600-700 per night… unfortunately our experience didn’t meet this expectation.

  7. This is honestly of the nicer hotels I’ve visited in Singapore. We stayed in the Duplex Suite and I would say if you love taking photos, this is a place you don’t wanna miss. I love how detailed they are with their design, very oriental style that’s classy and pleasing to the eyes. One thing I love most is the bed – so important for a great staycation experience. I had such a great night rest and woke up feeling super refreshed. Their breakfast served at Yellow Pot restaurant has a great offering with quality breakfast that helps to kickstart a great day. I would definitely recommend you check out this boutique hotel for your next staycation!

  8. Prepare to not only waste your $$ for this cheapskate “not even worth to be called” hotel, but also your good mood & precious time with their overcharged fee but lowest possible lousy quality facility plus unacceptable service & attitude given by the staff. You have been warn!!! This hotel is more suitable for those who only need 1-2 hours “short-time” for couples. A simple hotel 81 are still a lot better though.

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