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Address : Kemeraltı, Hasan Işık Cd., Marmaris – Muğla

Phone : Not found

Candan Apart Road Route

Candan Apart Muğla provides service in. Its full address is Kemeraltı, Hasan Işık Cd., Marmaris – Muğla olan Candan Apart, you can reach its business by phone 0000. . You can also use the map above to get Candan Apart transportation and directions information. You can review the Candan Apart section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Candan Apart you can contact Candan Apart using the information above.

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Candan Apart Comments

  1. Very nice apart, pool is great and you have to have slides + (it was nice to be foreign to foreign tourists)

  2. Top floor apartment in attic space keep banging our heads. Air conditioning is in the bedroom only so the kitchen come living room come seco d bedroom is too hot to sleep in. No fans available so we bought our own. Plus TUI states free air conditioning when in fact it is £35 per week. It cannot be left on as you need a magnetic card to trigger electricity. Staff are nice and friendly.

  3. Great location, cheap prices, big rooms, very impolite service, dirty and full pool, not good food, the receptionists were always kind.

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