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Address : 21 Saladaeng Rd, Silom, Bang Rak – Thailand

Phone : 02 636 0131

At 21 Saladaeng Road Route

At 21 Saladaeng Thailand provides service in. Its full address is 21 Saladaeng Rd, Silom, Bang Rak – Thailand olan At 21 Saladaeng, you can reach its business by phone 02 636 0131 . You can also use the map above to get At 21 Saladaeng transportation and directions information. You can review the At 21 Saladaeng section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about At 21 Saladaeng you can contact At 21 Saladaeng using the information above.

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At 21 Saladaeng Comments

  1. Very good location in central of Bangkok. Very clean, comfortable and very helpful staff.

  2. I don’t generally post reviews but my desire to maintain my privacy is heavily outweighed by my desire for you not to stay here. I actually live in this building. As in, rent a room annually from a landlord who owns one of the units as a condo.

    This building operates illegally as a hotel, in blatant violation of the Hotel Act. You’ll note on their website they only list monthly prices. That’s because the owner, Michelle, knows that she is breaking the law by renting rooms on a daily basis.

    You might think “well I don’t care.” Not a great approach. Because Michelle and her management team know what she is doing is illegal, she further compounds her violation of the law by failing to report the presence of foreign guests, which is a requirement under the Immigration Act. I have now reported the building to various Thai government agencies – who have recently resumed intense crack downs on “AirBNB style” units, as a reviewer below refers to this place. If you are staying here when they come to inspect the building, you may be personally fined and/or removed from Thailand. If you are scheduled to arrive later, you may find your reservation cancelled.

    Thailand has a great number of excellent, affordable hotels operating legally. I suggest you find one of those.

  3. Great tidy apartment. Location is good too as away from all the noise.

  4. Absolutely stunning. Plenty of space to move around and unbelievable comfortable. Every day after a busy shopping, we look forward to coming back here to unwind. We like that the TV is in the living room and not in the bedroom, it feels like home. The location is perfect that if the traffic is too bad to use Grab, we can always opt for public transport, both BTS and metro are within walking distance.

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