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Aloft Miami Brickell includes address, phone, route map and comments.

Address : 1001 SW 2nd Ave, Miami – Florida, United States

Phone : (305) 854-6300

Aloft Miami Brickell Road Route

Aloft Miami Brickell Florida, United States provides service in. Its full address is 1001 SW 2nd Ave, Miami – Florida, United States olan Aloft Miami Brickell, you can reach its business by phone (305) 854-6300 . You can also use the map above to get Aloft Miami Brickell transportation and directions information. You can review the Aloft Miami Brickell section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about Aloft Miami Brickell you can contact Aloft Miami Brickell using the information above.

All information about Aloft Miami Brickell on our page is taken from Google Maps. Our company cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. The responsibilities of the comments made for Aloft Miami Brickell belong to the commenter. If you think that there is an error or deficiency in Aloft Miami Brickell belong to the commenter. If you think that there is an error or deficiency in Aloft Miami Brickell and want the business information to be removed, you can contact us on our contact page.

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Aloft Miami Brickell Comments

  1. We had an occasion held in this lodging a week ago. The visitors were so cheerful and stunned at this spot. The receptionists were exceptionally amiable and kind. They were entirely congenial too. Much obliged to you for the extraordinary experience!

  2. Hotel was nice and pleasant. The hotel is walking distance from many things that made it very convenient; so you didn’t have to drive everywhere.
    There were few things that the hotel can upgrade in order to make more for they’re buck or welcome more. Move the mini fridge from under the sink in the bathroom, that is very tacky. Provide a microwave in the rooms or at least make it an option instead of customer having to go downstairs to warm up food. Provide a dresser. I stayed for a week and couldn’t get more comfortable because there wasn’t enough hangers to hang up clothes for 2 people. The phone wasn’t plugged in for some odd reason. The t.v is very small. Please make the hotel feel more like home instead of an hotel. The pool is open for 12 hours but the pool is open @ 7am which is extremely ridiculous. Why not 11am-11pm? Who is going swimming @ 7am much less who is waking up @ 7am while on vacation?!

  3. My wife and I had a comfortable one night stay. The bed was comfortable, hotel is kept up to date, and the staff is friendly. Noise was the only issue we encountered. It gets a little noisy in the hallways in the mornings when housekeeping begins, and they knocked on our door at 9AM even though we had the “do not disturb” sign on the door. A bathroom door would also be great because the fan gets a little loud, and the a/c by the window is also loud. For the price in comparison to other hotels in Miami, it was a good stay and we would return.

  4. Eric!!! The front desk check in person made me and my sisters first trip to Miami an experience we will never forget. He was so kind and accommodating!!! He set the tone for our entire trip… this hotel is close to everything, and has plenty of eateries within walking distance.

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