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Address : 99 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan – Hong Kong

Phone : 3940 1111

99 Bonham Road Route

99 Bonham Hong Kong provides service in. Its full address is 99 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan – Hong Kong olan 99 Bonham, you can reach its business by phone 3940 1111 . You can also use the map above to get 99 Bonham transportation and directions information. You can review the 99 Bonham section at the bottom of our page, see the company score and share your experiences by commenting if you want. For more detailed information about 99 Bonham you can contact 99 Bonham using the information above.

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99 Bonham Comments

  1. Loved the stay here. No need for hotel atmosphere for me when traveling. This place has washer and dryer (one unit), which was nice to clean clothes before next part of trip. The cell phone they give you to use is very helpful when needing directions on the fly and free calls as well!

    The location is close to everything one needs (restaurants, shopping, etc). Taxis are cheap as well.

    One downside as mentioned is only one elevator. The maids use it throughout the day as well, so can wait a while for it to come. Overall though, not too bad.

    Would certainly stay again in a heartbeat.

  2. This chain of hotels is not value for money. Yes, it is bigger than most hotel rooms but it is essentially 3 stars, with no pool, no view, and no gym on the property itself (although it is a few doors away).

    Gym itself is very small… one treadmill, one bike and one weights machine. There were 3 people only and already too cramped.

    When there is a discount, you are probably better off at Conrad or Marriott. I think the hotel overplays its “whole floor suite” concept…

    Compliments to the front desk staff… one person show but didnt stop her from doing her job efficiently and effectively. Even helped me hail a cab.

  3. Incredibly well-designed place. This is minimalism done beautifully – you get a bed (very comfortable, nice linens, felt blackout and plenty of charging ports), a storage space (with a lock, automatic light and a towel) and a shared bathroom (with local soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a (dyson) hair-dryer), what else do you need? Also on a great neighbourhood and easy to get to.

  4. Love coming to this place. Stayed in both Sheung Wan and Central locations and both times had a great experience. For a big guy like me (6″2), the prospect is sleeping in a capsule was a bit daunting, but I fit perfectly well and the whole experience and offerings are great. If you just need a bed be it during the day or at night, I cannot recommend this place enough!

  5. This was hands down our favorite place we have stayed in Asia. It has so many amenities including washer-dryer, 24-hour lounge with free coffee, snacks and sodas, and gym located a few feet away.

    The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Going above and beyond, for example when we left some items in our room, the staff hand-delivered them to us at the Airport Express before our flight!

    It really feels like you are staying in an apartment, since there is so much storage and space – they even have a kitchen in the room. The room was around 800 square feet, which is larger than most people’s apartments in Hong Kong.

    Not to mention, the location was so convenient. We were located close to so many restaurants, both Michelin Star and authentic Hong Kong cuisine. It was also a quick walk to the central shopping district and the Sheung Wan metro station.

    We will certainly be back, this is our new home away from home!

  6. The concept is excellent. Web page presents very convincing impression. There are slight flaws with the execution. This could be 5/5 experience if just majority of the small details would be right. As an example, in beds some of the usb connectors are numb but left there anyway. Locks in cabinets are fixed with scotch tape from inside. Some ferrules in the shower area are a bit loose. At the front door there are fixings for electronic devices that are not in use. Despite the flaws, I would stay again to see how the business is willing to develop and master these small things to perfection. Claim management of the business is responsive and understanding.

  7. Very nice room, large enough, comfortable, good service of the staffs.

  8. 1a. DUSTY. Dust are found in the toilet section, especially the hair dryer/ behind the door.

    1b. A tiny died spider was hanging on the door too.

    1c. The sink area seems very dirty with STAINS.

    2. Nowhere for plugs to charge your electric device apart from one power socket next to the TV.

    3. The room size is an advantage and comfy bed.

    4. Brilliant location! Close to the MTR/ cruise terminal/ tram

    5. Rooftop level doesn’t open while my stay.

    6. Gym room looks alright but I haven’t try it out

  9. DON’T come with friends. They will charge you an additional $550 per headcount after two people checked in. It’s OKAY to have guest in the room but need to leave by 10 p.m…. Are your customers 12 years old to you, 99 Bonham?

    99 Bonham had zero allowance even just for THREE people hanging in the room after 10pm (and even when one of us would not stay for the night). A $550 is charged for each additional headcount after two persons checked in. (their hotel room rate is just around $700 per night on Klook. Lol. It is really just their way to make extra cash off customers amidst COVID.)

    I understand that the their hotel policy must be in place but 99 Bonham offers ZERO discretion.

    I will just have to say that I have had staycation in over 10 hotels the past year – no any other hotel would enforce such strict policy, since it is not a big group and just one additional person who would actually leave at midnight.

    I respect your policy and you have all the reason to charge $550 per headcount, it is just that I really feel the necessity to remind anyone who plans to book this hotel that 99 Bonham does NOT have even a bit of allowance, and there are lots more hotel options which would appreciate that your adult friends don’t go to bed at 11 p.m.

  10. Spacious and clean room. Lots of nice cafes nearby too. What I love most about this hotel is their huge table by the window. Absolutely plenty of space for me to just concentrate and work for two solid days, undisturbed. Will definitely return just to get the feeling of tranquility.

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